The Chocolate Museum

It lays here - a ship made of glass and metal alike - in the Rheinau harbour, directly in front of the old town, near the Cologne Cathedral. In medieval times in Cologne, the anchor and terminal was located here by the Rhine boatmen. Today the old swing bridge has been renovated to the new designed harbour quarter of the "Rheinauhafen".

The tour of the nine exhibition areas is a fantastic and unforgettable journey through the 4000 square metres of the culture and history of chocolate, starting at the old American cultures such as the Maya and the Aztecs, through the Baroque age and the industrialization up to the individual refinement of the noble chocolate of today.

Chocolate, Cake and more ...

The CHOCOLAT Grand Café is known for its great chocolate specialties. Experience the different dreams of hot chocolate drinking.

Lindt Maitre Chocolatier

Lindt & Sprüngli  is the worlds market leader in the segment of premium chocolate recognized today with a wide product range, which is available in more than 100 countries worldwide.